My RC Car Bodies

3 race experienced bodies (L to R)
Quick paint-job Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
My first--Saleen Mustang w/airbrushed flames and
Redhat emblem (painted) Alfa Romeo 156
Toyota Altezza or Lexus IS200 (US)
I painted the copy of Peter Max's Arizona Iced Tea Lady Liberty Label
How I did it coming soon

Volvo S40 by Serpent
I liked the Peter Max theme so much that I used it again

74 Ranch Robinson Racing on Lola VDS by Racer's Choice
A Texas (San Antonio) based race team inspired this body.

74 Ranch Robinson Racing Riley and Scott

BMW 328Ci painted in the M3 GTR scheme with different colors


Gilles Panizzi's (Peugot WRC) helmet

I liked Hervez Panizzi's helmet colors better...same pattern different colors.
Another shot of the Panizzi helmet inspired paint job

White Lightning/Petersen Motorsports Porsche 911 in the 2000 24hrs of Daytona

Alfa156 painted with the scheme used by White Lightning/Petersen Motorsports Porsche 911

Olive Garden Porsche 911 at the 24hrs of Daytona

Inspired by the Olive Garden Porsche 911 at the 24hrs of Daytona

Racer's Choice Lola VDS paint scheme copied from real race car at right. Camera flash lightened blue paint color, it really looks closer to blue at right.

Prototype with a cool paint scheme that inspired my Lola body paint job

Green paint job inspired by a car pulled over on the highway on the way from Las Vegas to the North Rim. Changes color with angle from gold/yellow to green.

Nissan GTP35...just playing with some airbrush shading and brush accents