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miata-orig1 First picture after I bought the car from Cyclone Motorsports. This is while I still lived in Richardson, TX (Dallas suburb). miata-orig2 miata-orig3 miata-orig4 disassembly1 Suspension going we're talking! disassembly2 disassembly3 Speedo wasn't working because it was disconnected...the inside of the car was was dirty and moldy and the bottoms of the seats were rusty. interior1 Dashboard, seats, and carpet out. Carpet and seats were gross. I just cut the carpet, rolled it and trashed it immediatley all the while wearing a respirator. interior2 Interior stripped and cleaned. Krud Kutter once again to the rescue in removing the fuzzy sound insulation from the floorboards. motor-orig This is almost a year later now in Austin. It takes a while to settle into a new city, house, and job. The previous owner had gone nuts with a can of gutted-dash Dashboard out...brace looked too rusty so I uses some of that rust turns into black stuff they sell at Home Depot. change I recovered over $7 in change from under the seats, carpet, center console, etc. If you found more in coins in your donor car let me know! koyo Yeah, I got way ahead of myself...ordering a Koyo had been over one year and that radiator still hadn't been installed! parts Lots of goodies...all of this would have to be packed into one closet so the house could be shown once it went up for sale. bilstein Now which spring goes with that? By the way, that 1970 Armstrong vinyl flooring had to go before we could list the did I live with it for 4 years? tdr-wheel Yeah baby, yeah! full-depth-Toyos-2 Full-depth-Toyos body-damage Bilstein shock, Eibach spring, and coil-overs in their new home....but wait...I can't mount the sway bar to that! Ouch ouch! This is going to be expensive. body-damage2's the other damage I found...cosmetic? I don't think so.... body-damage3's the rest of that damage. Hard to see it with all that stuff around...and all that bondo that was used to conceal it! Box frame under airbox was collapsed like a beer can. shop-crane Hoist holding up engine while doing subframe swap. Thank goodness for Harbor Freight! left-front Way too premature use of Hawk Blues! Do not use these pads no the street. They will wear out quickly because they don't get up to temperature plus they are very grabby and you'll scare the crap out of other drivers with burning rubber and sparks coming out from under the wheel wells. bent-steering-tab A closer look at the tab. Take a close look at that wrinkle! That's very thick metal. Oh my...more damage to be found yet (don't you love bent-steering-tab2 The other tab...not too bad but the whole thing had to go. curb-hopping old-new-subframe Ouch....when I first bought the car I knew this subframe had been what I guessed was some grocery store parking lot concrete parking thingy. The steering rack tabs were bent enough that I couldn't replace it once I took it off. Taking off the subframe and putting the new one back one was not hard at all. repair-left Driver's side while getting repaired at Custom Car Crafters repair-front Car during final front end repair at Custom Car Crafters in Austin. Great place for your insurance repair on daily driver but not accomodating to racers on a budget. front-end-repaired Car back in my garage. rusty-slave-cyl Clutch slave cylinder...too rusty for my taste...let's see, $40 for a new one from Mazda Motorsports or risk this thing going out and runing a race weekend and/or transmission later? Easy decision. ultrashield OK, so who didn't set up their race seat right away in the living room, put their helmet on, and pretend to be steering and shifting while making car noises? No? neither!
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